manchester air traffic control aerial photographer

Following on from our success in providing the aerial photography for the 'progress works' of the new Control Tower which has been built at Manchester Airport.

National Air Traffic Services (NATS) and Manchester Airport Group (MAG) very kindly invited us to photograph the interior of the new Tower.

The photo-shoot was arranged for the second week in May 2013 and although the building works had been completed, NATS were in the process of rigorously testing and re-training their staff on the new systems before going 'live' at the end of June.

You can see all the radar screens employed, including the new 'ground radar' system which even shows cars and people moving around on the 'aprons', runways and taxi-ways.

The photos taken in the darker room, are of the stations in Manchester Radar and Manchester Approach control, which is in an enclosed room on a floor below the Visual Control Room.

Air Traffic Control Tower - May 2013