uk aerial photos uk aerial photography Over the years we have undertaken many commissions for aerial photography of large demolition projects, on behalf of many demolition Contractors.

But the commission we were given in 1998 to take aerial photographs of the 'controlled demolition' of a high rise block of apartments 'Altview Height' in Toxteth, Liverpool was a 'first' for our business.

Our client, Forshaws Demolition of Wigan wanted aerial photographs of the demolition for use in their corporate brochure.

Clearly flying round a building while it is being blown up is a dangerous exercise and of course the Police impose a temporary exclusion zone around the site while the explosions were taking place. And so we first had to obtain clearance from Merseyside Police and a special dispensation from Air traffic control, to fly into the exclusion zone.

Being specialist aerial photographers, licensed by NATS (National Air Traffic Services), we soon obtained the necessary clearances and were able to undertake the commission and obtain the aerial photos required by the client.

You can view samples of our aerial photographs of the 'controlled demolition' by clicking on any image below. aerial photographs